Standbasis School Management Package

Automate It!

Standbasis is a web-based education service. Currently, Standbasis is targeted at basic education level (primary and secondary levels). Standbasis consolidates the core processes of classroom teaching and school operation into computer units carried by school teachers and supervisors. Service is delivered on-line and offline from a central system that holds shared applications and resources. Standbasis also serve schools planners, managers and owners.

Web native teachers on the cheap !

Standbasis is the shortest and most cost-effective route to 100% automation of basic schools system operation. Standbasis accumulates schools operation data in databases which is a future asset for the schools, schools owners and school system. Standbasis is subscription service to schools and group of schools.

Mobile parents | Caring parents!

Standbasis also provides free service over the web to parents and stakeholders. The free services include schools directories, school rating simulator, computer aided admission planner (CAAP) for selection of schools based on transparent metrics and preferences. The choice of school is an all-important chore for the future of the child, family and the nation. It should neither be based on schools advertising budgets alone nor sentimental planks like family relationship, club membership, church membership and such subjective bases.

Standbasis Strengths:

  • Processes-deep computerization of basic schools operation
  • Standard-based school improvement support
  • Planning and decision support
  • Verifiable KPIs-driven marketing of school
  • Fine granulation quality management of teachers, content and curriculum delivery
  • Verifiable savings on teachers continuous development, teaching resources and school operation
  • Verifiable collateral value for school investors and lenders
  • High quality school products
  • Cheapest route to creating of web-dependent teaching staff
Modular Standbasis

Standbasis software comprises of five service modules. They are: Register module, Lesson Note module, CobKit module, M&E Kit module, and School’s rating module. A bulleted functional description of the service modules of Standbasis follows:


  • Take class attendance with visual proof of time and presence of teacher and pupils
  • Statistics and trends analyses of teacher, pupil, class and school attendance
  • Operate database of attendance
  • Generation of M&E monitored quantities input

Lesson Note

  • Create lessons note
  • On-screen lesson notes development tools and resources
  • Lessons notes communication and evaluation
  • Lessons note implementation and closure
  • Operate lessons note database
  • Generation of M&E monitored quantities input


  • Teacher continuous training and capacity building
  • Teacher domain information service
  • Teacher general knowledge improvement
  • Announcement and advertisement
  • Generation of M&E monitored quantities input

M & E

  • Comprehensive pupil, teacher and supervisors evaluations services
  • Teachers’ self-evaluation service
  • School performance evaluation
  • Group of schools performance evaluation
  • M&E reports database
  • M&E-driven Standards and quality management
  • Generate school rating metrics to school rating module

Standbasis Schools

  • Locate schools based on your preferences like
    • Geography: State
    • Gender: Girls only, boys only, mixed
    • Residence: Boarding, day, both
    • Ownership: Private, missionary, government
  • Evaluate schools based on facts (transparent metrics)
  • Compare schools based on facts (transparent metrics)
  • Compare schools based on facts (metrics and value for money)
  • Compare schools by groups of schools under common operator