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The Standbasis Self Evaluation Dashboard allows you, the interested party to use the tool as a 'Do It Yourself' tool.

Self-evaluation of your school might offer coarse pointers, but note that it is subjective and purely qualitative and not metric based . It is your standard against your standard. DIY effort is limited to the 7 departments, and possibly the 25 components, of the departments. .
Lastly, DIY result is strictly for your internal consumption

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There is a requirement that instructors and pupils be present and available in school for delivery of curriculum.

Curriculum should be delivered in full, good quality and properly.

Curriculum ‘reception’ by pupils should be ascertained through M&E

Instructors should be available in appropriate number ratio to students.

Instructors should also be of appropriate academic and professional qualification for the numbers of pupils and discipline they teach .

The totality of quality curriculum and delivery is impacted by the physical and ambience environment in which learning takes place.

Education offers literacy but that is only a part of education.

Shaping of the physical and mental person is the complementary part to literacy in education.

Curriculum and delivery mechanism must align with contemporary expressions of civilization.

Industrial age education had spanners and handwriting classes. Information age and knowledge economy prescriptions are ICT and web commonwealth..

Pupils’ performance in internally moderated assessments and external examinations should demonstrate credible relationship.

Otherwise, the products might find it difficult to engage the next levels of formal education..

A Safe, secure and healthy environment is not only desirable for good learning, it is a necessary condition.