Which School?

The hood does not make a monk.

A school is not all about physical appearance, academic performance in external examination, location, scale, media exposure or social references. Sometimes the best school may be understated in popular parameters. But they, the best schools, are those that consistently fulfill the true purpose of schooling – educating the person and certifying the level of training.

Standbasis provides tools that enable parents to evaluate schools, at several granulations. Exercise your school search options around any number of these parameters:

  • Geography: All schools in the country | State | Local Government Area
  • Ownership: Public | Private | Missionary
  • Gender sensitivity: Boys | Girls | Mix
  • Residence facilities: boarding only | Day | Day & Boarding
  • Special Needs Schools

Free Schools Directory Service

Standbasis Schools is open and free self-listing to all schools within the primary and secondary levels.

Our service help parents to visualize schools within their preferred locations with the luxury of sorting and choosing based on myriad constraints and preferences.

Each school provides basic information on configuration, services, ownership, faith bias date of establishment and contact.

Depending on a school subscriptions level, schools can offer their prospects opportunity to evaluate their strength, compare them with peer institutions and or conduct virtual tour of their distinguishing landmarks.

Families on the move can visualize schools in their destination locales, analyze their offerings and firmly fix their children’s admission in advance.

Standbasis Schools approach and free listing facility aims to put over 90% of schools in the relevant category on the directory and at patrons disposal nationally.