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Standbasis Standard is freely accessible and usable by education managers and investors alike. It is simple but very powerful guide for visualizing your school(s) improvement as departments that are alive and responsive to strategic improvement efforts.

At the DIY level, the Standbasis Self Evaluation Dashboard allows the interested party to use the tool as follows: (DIY = Do It Yourself)

  • Evaluate your school as dispassionately as possible; record the scores
  • Organize the departments according to the urgency or what departments you wish to distinguish your school
  • As an example, one might wish to distinguish their brand in ‘Total human Development Environment’ than the other departments during the period
  • Allocated more resources to the preferred department without necessarily neglecting other departments over the period
  • Determine in advance how much change you expect in the department score over a period, generally one year term
  • At the end of the period, or at intervals during the period, evaluate your school dispassionately and confirm what change , if any, your targeted resource allocation has yielded

The DIY effort might offer coarse pointers, but note that it is subjective and purely qualitative and not metric based. It is your standard against your standard. DIY effort is limited to the 7 departments, and possibly the 25 components, of the departments. . Lastly, DIY result is strictly for your internal consumption

Schools or school systems that adopt and subscribe to Standbasis Standards have their school:

  • Independently evaluated, metric based, against 7 departments, 25 components of the departments and 125 measured quantities of the 25 components
  • Measurement data is fed to our proprietary application which automates the final computation of evaluation result
  • Our Standbasis evaluation result is honored by a broad range of important stakeholders in education and parents who endorse our standards
  • Your institution carries the ‘Standbasis Rated Institution (SRI)’ seal.
  • Subscribers have access to a wide range of advisory comments and trends documents from Standbasis expert team
  • Subscribers access our range of in-depth training and alumni benefits